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Little Malop Fine Art Gallery

Robert Avitabile- “Otway Improvisation”
Geoff Schirmer- “Shades of Light”
Sat 14 – 28 May 2005

Little Malop Gallery is presenting concurrent exhibitions:"Otway Improvisation" watercolour paintings by Robert Avitabile, and "Shades of Light" black and white photography by Geoff Schirmer. Both artists express a personal preoccupation with the effects of light in landscape, conveying an emotional and at times spiritual response.

Robert Avitabile - “Otway Improvisation”
Robert Avitabile "Summer Rain" watercolour
Robert Avitabile "Summer Rain" watercolour

Before moving to Geelong about four years ago, Robert lived in the Otway Ranges for sixteen years. It’s only since moving away from the Otways that he has created this series of watercolours for his exhibition, "Otway Improvisation".

“The Otways have a soft strength, which I have tried to capture in a minimal way. I have used a wet into wet style of watercolour which evolves before my eyes, and when I begin putting down colours, I really I have no idea of the final outcome of each painting. These simple watercolour paintings are of remembered landscapes and the search for fleeting effects of atmosphere. They are about light as it filters across valleys, or of mist rising through dark, wet forests.”

Geoff Schirmer - "Shades of Light"
Geoff Schirmer "Coastal Tree, Bridgewater" silver gelatin photograph
Geoff Schirmer "Coastal Tree, Bridgewater" silver gelatin photograph

Geoff Schirmer was initially attracted to landscape photography in the late seventies, as a way of portraying the experience of rock climbing in the Blue Mountains, the Grampians and at Mt Arapiles.

This led to more extensive work in the Victorian Alps, where he began an ongoing interest in black and white photography and the portrayal of light and shade in landscape, still life and nature, evident in his exhibition:"Shades of Light".

His early work explored landscape and nature as metaphors of the human spirit, enduring the storms of life. More recently, he has been drawn to symbols in his work, which invite us to look beyond the image, past the first impression.


Little Malop Street entrance - just walk up the stairs and have a look around......

Director: Robert Avitabile
Open: 10.30 – 5.30 weekdays, 10.30 – 4 Saturday.
Phone 5221 6505.



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