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Friday 10th, October Inconsistent 2ft+ waves with moderate NW winds ahead of an o'night W/NW change. Saturday 11th, October Strong but somewhat inconsistent SW groundswell providing 4-5ft waves at times. Expect long breaks between sets. Winds likely to be light and variable. Sunday 12th, October Easing SW groundswell with very inconsistent 2-3ft+ waves, slightly smaller into the a'noon. Light N'ly winds freshening during the day and tending NW. Monday 13th, October Inconsistent 2-3ft waves with freshening NW winds. Chance for a gusty W'ly change during the day, and an associated rapid increase in SW swell (more so Tues). Swellnet

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Final Round of the Victorian IRB Championships
Anglesea Surf Life Saving Club wins 3rd place in the National IRB Championships, Shellharbour NSW

Final Round of the Victorian IRB Championships
Final Round of the Victorian IRB Championships, Lorne Main Beach

Rock 2 Ramp, Pt Roadknight Beach
Rock 2 Ramp, Pt Roadknight Beach

Round 3 of the Victorian IRB Championships
Round 3 of the Victorian IRB Championships, Anglesea Main Beach

A Day at Winkipop for the Rip Curl Pro 2008
A Day at Winkipop for the Rip Curl Pro 2008

Kelly Slater surfs Winkipop, 1st wave, Rip Curl Pro 2008
Kelly Slater surfs Winkipop, 1st wave, Rip Curl Pro 2008

ANZAC Day Service, Anglesea
ANZAC Day Service, Anglesea

Dawn Service
ANZAC Day Dawn Service, Torquay 2008

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No Deposit No Return
Part 1 of 12

Mapping the Surf Coast Seafloor

ANZAC Dawn Service, Torquay
ANZAC Dawn Service, Torquay

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BIG4 Holiday Park Anglesea
Rose Chinese Restaurant, Anglesea
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Coastal Gardening in February

Phot of Ash Wednesday Bushfire 1983by Peter McGain

Bushfires in Victoria during January, bring back memories of the 1983 Ash Wedneday fires for those of us who experienced them on the Surfcoast. The fact that we have not suffered the same fate is due to good luck rather than good management.

If you're interested in viewing some photographs or reading some stories about Ash Wednesday and its aftermath click here

Plants that are fire retardants

Shrubs to 4 metres

  • Myoporum Insulare "Boobialla" - A fast growing indigenous hedging plant
  • Photinia Robusta - Slower growing, but an excellent screen. Bright red new leaves, white flowers in summer
  • Oleander (Neirium) - Masses of flowers in summer. Very hardy
  • Pittosporum - various varies
  • Prunus Laurecerasus (Cherry Laurel) - Fantastic dark green foliage, used extensively in The Dandenongs and Mount Macedon areas to protect historic properties. The berries could become a problem as the birds love them. Pruning after flowering would eliminate this.
  • Coprosma (Shiny Leaf)
  • Acacia Hakea, Laguniaria
  • Metrosideros (N.Z. Christmas Tree)
Shrubs to 2 metres
  • Myoporum Viscosum
  • Photinia Rubens
  • Escallonia Iveyii
  • Hebe
  • Banksia Marginata
Shrubs to 1 metre
  • Acanthus
  • Banksia
  • Agapanthus
  • Grevillea
  • Salt Bush

A successful planting using fire retardant plants will also solve other landscaping problems, i.e.screening neighbours, traffic, a road or act as a wind break .

Easy Summer Flowering Plants for Coastal Gardens

photo of grevillea flowerShrubs to 1 metre:
Echium, acanthus, geraniums, hydrangea, canna, rosemary, lavender, red hot pokers (Knifofia), pentstemon, salvia, bog sage, dwarf crepe myrtle

Ground Covers:
Bacopa, thyme, convulvulus, myoporums, prostrate grevilleas, banksias, correas.


  1. Clean up for fire protection
  2. Divert your grey water. Consult Barwon Water for the Do’s and Don’ts
  3. Leave some water out for the birds
  4. Take cuttings and collect seeds from your favourite plants. (Come into McGain’s and we will show you how).
  5. Prune Wisteria. Get rid of all the long wispy bits. Flowers will come from the thicker growth off the first 5 to 7 buds
  6. Don’t plant flower seedlings this month as there may still be days when the temperature reaches + 40 degrees. Spread some organic fertiliser on areas where you want to plant and wait until early March to plant. New autumn seedlings will be at McGain’s from 1st March.
  7. Go to the fridge, get out a cold drink, sit on your deck, put your feet up on the table and contemplate what else you can do with your backyard.


Do you need more shade trees? Do you want to screen out the neighbours? Do you need a watering system? Does your wife spend a fortune on limes for gin & tonics over summer?

For the answers to these and other garden design or horticultural problems visit McGain’s during February so you can prepare your garden for Autumn planting.

McGains Nursery is open everyday in the Industrial Estate, Anglesea.

Tel: 5263 3841 Peter McGain has been designing and building beautiful gardens since 1971.



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