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Friday 18th, July Building swell with wave heights around 1.5-2ft+ and strengthening NW tending W/NW winds in the morning as a front crosses the coast. Saturday 19th, July Waves up to 1-2ft with moderate N/NE winds, freshening later. Size may even ease a little during the day. Sunday 20th, July Small waves somewhere around 1ft+ with freshening N/NW winds tending NW. Monday 21st, July Gusty S/SW change expected by early morning with rapid increase of several swells during the day. May be small early but could be a junky 4-5ft of storm swell by the a'noon. Tuesday 22nd, July Building SW groundswell with wave heights probably around 4-5ft, but will need some revision on Friday. Swellnet

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Final Round of the Victorian IRB Championships
Anglesea Surf Life Saving Club wins 3rd place in the National IRB Championships, Shellharbour NSW

Final Round of the Victorian IRB Championships
Final Round of the Victorian IRB Championships, Lorne Main Beach

Rock 2 Ramp, Pt Roadknight Beach
Rock 2 Ramp, Pt Roadknight Beach

Round 3 of the Victorian IRB Championships
Round 3 of the Victorian IRB Championships, Anglesea Main Beach

A Day at Winkipop for the Rip Curl Pro 2008
A Day at Winkipop for the Rip Curl Pro 2008

Kelly Slater surfs Winkipop, 1st wave, Rip Curl Pro 2008
Kelly Slater surfs Winkipop, 1st wave, Rip Curl Pro 2008

ANZAC Day Service, Anglesea
ANZAC Day Service, Anglesea

Dawn Service
ANZAC Day Dawn Service, Torquay 2008

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ANZAC Dawn Service, Torquay
ANZAC Dawn Service, Torquay

ANZAC Dawn Service, Torquay
ANZAC Dawn Service, Torquay

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BIG4 Holiday Park Anglesea
Rose Chinese Restaurant, Anglesea
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Coastal Gardening



The Surfcoast has become the place to live (we can only blame ourselves for letting the chat out of the bag). Whether you are living in Wombah Park, the Bald Hill in Jan Juc or tucked away in amongst the ironbarks of Aireys, the recent boom in building has created increased housing density and a subsequent lack of privacy.

After the bushfires of 1983 the coastal wattle self-seeded in the bare earth and with little competition grew quickly and was used by many people as their major screening tree. Similarly melaleuca armillaris has been promoted by the nurseries as the best, fast growing screen plant. Unfortunately this melaleuca is invading the surrounding bushland and becoming a major problem. Both wattles and melaleuca last about 15-17 years and they are dying of old age right now making neighbouring houses even more exposed.

Similarly, a further close inspection of many established native gardens will show the effect of four years of drought. Inevitably the large trees, especially eucalypts, will have successfully grabbed more than their share of the available moisture by spreading out more surface roots and therefore hastening the demise of the understory plants. You may well be left with a tall gum, that used to block out an unsightly view, and lots of very sick shrubs.

How can I plant to create my private little world and yet ensure the natural beauty of the surfcoast is maintained?
1. Seek good advice
  Preferably get a professional to have a look at your site and get planting suggestions. Take photos and a simple plan and head to a nursery that really cares.
2. Consider the possible combinations of plants carefully.

The best screening solutions rely on more than one plant.
tickCHECK the heights required from every window, deck, etc.
tickPREPARE the ground properly.
tickADD organic matter to sandy soils.
tickADD washed sand or fine screenings to heavy clay.
tickUSE water storing granules and appropriate fertiliser when planting.
tickAGAIN ask at the nursery.

Remember: Australian native plants need fertilisers that are low in phosphorous (P).

3. Talk to your neighbours
  They are probably just as sick of looking at your house as you are of looking at theirs.

The future quality of the landscape of the SurfCoast is in your hands.
The residential environment you create will determine how effectively you have left suburbia.

Some suggestions

Tristania (Lophostemon) Conferta
Agonis (After Dark)
Syzygium (Brush Cherrie)
Acacia Melanoxylon (Blackwood)


Ozothamnus (Sago Flower)
Acacia Pycnantha
Callistemon Viminalis

Phebalium (Green Screen)
Baeckea (Twiggy Heath Myrtle)
Leptospermum (White Opal)
Leptospermum Scoparium (Red Damask)


Banksia Marginata (Silver Banksia)
Correa Alba
Myoporum (Sticky Boobialla)
Westringia Fruiticosa
right corner
left corner

Rose Chinese Restaurant