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May 2007 Newsletter


Date: Event: Time: Location:
Tue 29th May Neip meeting 4.30pm 17 Charles St, Anglesea
Mon 4th June Community Garden
expressions of interest meeting
9.15am Anglesea Primary School
After School care building
Sat 9th June The Inconvenient Truth
Free screening
7.30pm Senior Citizens Hall
Mcmillan St. Anglesea

'An Inconvenient Truth'

Free screening - Sat 9th June - 7.30pm - Senior Citizens Hall - Followed by light supper and discussion time

'An Inconvenient Truth'Whether you have already seen this film or not, we invite all members of our community to this screening. Our intention is to stimulate more discussion on how our community can best respond to the challenges we are all facing with the global warming crisis.

Our group has already discussed a wide range of potential solutions and while we are no closer to any kind of resolution, we have identified that our best response will be as a strong united community which has the capacity to work together. Is the Anglesea community up to the challenge?!

We welcome the support of Angair and thank them for the donation of a door prize. To enter the draw for the prize we are asking people to walk, cycle or come in a vehicle with 3 or more others.

We also invite people to calculate their daily electricity usage per person and bring the results with you. To do this you need to take a meter reading, then at the same time the following week take another reading, divide this by seven and divide by the number of people in your household. (We would still like results from people who are already using some solar power). These calculations will then be included in our discussions following the film.

See more at:

Community Garden - expressions of interest meeting

Mon 4th June - 9.15am - Anglesea Primary School - After School care building

Danawa Community Garden, TorquayThe Anglesea primary school already has a garden and a number of us are interested in developing this into a community garden which can be tended by the students on weekdays and members of the public on weekends. The idea is wholeheartedly supported by the school principal. A plan needs to be developed and I invite anyone interested to attend this 'expressions of interest' meeting.

Setting a suitable meeting time was not easy and I'm sure there will be several unable to attend the set date; we would still love to hear from you if you would be keen to join in with the building up of this garden. (A reply to this email would be sufficient)


We are certainly not the only sustainability group to be making efforts to change the world. Over in the UK Carbon Rationing Action Groups are forming in many towns. The idea is that as individuals we can take responsibility for our own carbon footprints.

The group sets a target for carbon emissions, then individuals track their emissions and take responsibitliy for their carbon debts at the end of the year by paying a debt. Take a look at the website, it's an interesting concept.

See more at:

Anglesea Neighbourhood Environment Improvement Plan

The Anglesea Neip is keen to promote awareness of actions that can be taken within our community towards sustainable living. It would be great to see you at any of our meetings or events we have planned. If you are unable to attend, please spread the word to others.

Caroline Hawkins
On behalf of the Anglesea Neip
E-mail: [email protected]


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