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Rack'em & Crack'em 2005
Issue 2.1, 19/05/2005
Howdy all and welcome back to a new year of high drama at the pool table. Yes, the SurfCoast Pool Comp has started again with reigning champions, the Dolphins from Lorne, getting set to defend their title from eight other teams who are eager to "get their photo on the wall" more>>
Issue 2.2, 26/05/2005
A-Team leaps with clean sweep
Those fantastic fishos from Lorne have put their amazing "wobbling" table to good use this week, helping themselves to a 9/0 win over F-Troop and leaping from 7th to 4th on the ladder. The Dolphins emerged from the gloom of a dimly lit Lorne Hotel with a 5/4 victory over the Stickmen (take your night-vision goggles if you have to play there) more>>
Issue 2.3, 2/06/2005
Sproggers Stand Up
Angleseamen had their first win of the season this week, beating A-Team 5/4. A close one between Stickmen and Yor Joking saw the Stickmen victorious, 5/4. Swampy Creek came away from Aireys still undefeated, though it went down to the last game, 5/4. Finally, F-Troops woes continued with a 6/3 loss to the more>>



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