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Tuesday 10th, June Small 1-2ft swell with a NNE wind. It's a bit small and northerly for the reefs. Best option today would be hunt around the NNE friendly beachbreaks east and west of Torquay for a small fun clean waves. Jan Juc will be ok as the tide moves in later. Low tide 10.18am at 0.3m High 5.16pm at 1.55m. Wednesday 11th, June Building W/SW swell during the day, some 3ft sets are likely by the afternoon but it'll probably be much smaller in the morning. Fresh NW winds, gusty at times. Thursday 12th, June Building W/SW swell with inconsistent sets between 3ft and maybe 4ft at Bells and 13th, smaller elsewhere. Fresh and gusty NW winds. Friday 13th, June Increasing SW swell to 4-6ft at exposed locations (smaller at protected locations), but generally bumpy with fresh and gusty SW winds developing. Outside chance for a brief period of W/NW winds at dawn. Saturday 14th, June Rapidly easing SW winds overnight may go variable or even light NW by the morning. Easing size, with lumpy but improving waves during the day, generally 4-5ft at open stretches early, easing to 3-4ft by the afternoon. Not perfect but well worth a surf. Swellnet

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Final Round of the Victorian IRB Championships
Final Round of the Victorian IRB Championships, Lorne Main Beach

Rock 2 Ramp, Pt Roadknight Beach
Rock 2 Ramp, Pt Roadknight Beach

Round 3 of the Victorian IRB Championships
Round 3 of the Victorian IRB Championships, Anglesea Main Beach

A Day at Winkipop for the Rip Curl Pro 2008
A Day at Winkipop for the Rip Curl Pro 2008

Kelly Slater surfs Winkipop, 1st wave, Rip Curl Pro 2008
Kelly Slater surfs Winkipop, 1st wave, Rip Curl Pro 2008

ANZAC Day Service, Anglesea
ANZAC Day Service, Anglesea

Dawn Service
ANZAC Day Dawn Service, Torquay 2008

BIG4 Holiday Park Anglesea
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Anglesea & District Historical Society

Stories Past

by Lindsay Braden - Researcher Anglesea & District Historical Society

Anglesea Main Beach Bathing Boxes

Bathing Boxes at the Anglesea Main Beach

Bathing boxes were an important part of the Anglesea beach scene from 1900. By 1915 the Department of Lands and Survey decided to raise some income from these popular shelters. From then, a yearly licence fee of seven shillings and sixpence (75c) was payable to the Receiver of Revenue.

These timber sheds nestled high on the dunes away from the incoming tide. Although Point Roadknight protects the main beach, a problem cool south westerly breeze was easily countered by sunbathing behind these popular shelters.

In 1927 a Journalist from Melbourne noted that Anglesea was one of the prettiest seaside resorts around Melbourne, and that the Hotel was providing improved main beach bathing boxes for it's guests.

By the 1960's Anglesea was no longer a remote seaside venue. The sand dunes were showing bad signs of wear and tear from large beach-going crowds. During 1970 owners were given a period of three months to remove their boxes, and the dunes were later fenced off. So ended an era.

Bathing Boxes 1915Main Beach Surf Carnival 1966

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