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November 2004  

Meet the Surf Coast Shire Candidates
20 November 2004

Leonie Dillon, In the run up to the shire elections, the Surf Coast Women's Network held a 'Get to know your candidate' evening at the Anglesea Golf Club last Thursday. Of the 20 candidates standing, 13 were able to attend and are listed below. Each candidate was given 5 minutes to present themselves as potential councillors, to outline their aims and objectives and to answer questions from the audience. Anglesea Online was there and recorded the evening. Follow the links below to find out more about the candidates and listen to what they had to say.

The mpg3 audio files below were recorded and prepared by Nicholas Soames. If you have problems playing them and would like some help, email me at - [email protected]

  Candidate Town Audio
button Keith Grossman Bellbrae Play audio
button Simon Townsend Freshwater Creek Play audio
button Lindsay A. Schroeter Winchelsea Play audio
button Beth Davidson Anglesea Play audio
button lain Lygo   Play audio
button Baiba Lowther Deans Marsh/Lorne Play audio
button Libby Mears   Play audio
button Nadine Liddy Aireys Inlet Play audio
button John Foss Torquay Play audio
button Roland Livingstone Winchelsea Play audio
button Rose Hodge Torquay Play audio
button Stephen Chenery Bellbrae Play audio
button Jim Tutt Anglesea Play audio
Keith Grossman  
Keith Grossman
  • I have lived in Bellbrae all of my life with my family and have established close ties with Torquay and the surrounding rural communities. I work as a farmer, rural contractor and owner of Grossmans Country Cottages.
  • I have and still participate in various community associations including, past president of Torquay Football, Cricket and Tennis Clubs, I am on the Shire's ENVAC and Rural development Committees, as well as being the current president of The Surf Coast Community and Ratepayers Association. Member VFF and Torquay Bowling Club.
  • Life member of Torquay Football and Cricket Club and Bellarine Football League.
  • I support that Council rates should not increase above the CPI, better rural road funding and simpler and better future planning.
  • I oppose parking meters on the Surf Coast.
  • I have been awarded the Centenary Medal for services to the community.
  • For more info:
Play audio
Simon Townsend  
Simon Townsend

Freshwater Creek has been my home for nearly two decades where I live on a small farm with my family. Professionally, I am the region's Veterans' Affairs Adviser for the Department of Veterans' Affairs and also a JP.

In my local community I am a member of the Mount Duneed Progress Association and Blue Circle Southern Cement Community Liaison Committee.

I am concerned about local community issues, large and small. The long-term future for the Shire must include appropriate planning for development within the limits of our available resources of land and water while basic Council services such as safe roads and drains that flow must not be ignored. We must work within our budget.

Our new undivided surfcoast Shire must not allow the needs of rural ratepayers fall from focus.

I have served on several Council Committees. I appreciate the need for genuine and interested representation .


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Lindsay A. Schroeter  
Lindsay A. Schroeter

Dear Voters, I seek your support for a further term as a councillor in the Surf Coast Shire.

I live in Winchelsea with my wife Joan, prior to that I was a resident of Deans Marsh.

If elected I will promise to listen to your concerns and take them to council and endeavour to achieve value for your rates.

As a former Winchelsea Shire Councillor I also have an interest and concerns for the Lorne coastal area.

Would you vote as per my preference as indicated to have a well balanced representation allover the municipality.

Thank you for your support in the past and if you have any questions I am available on 52 672 633 or 040 888 7323, or write to Lindsay Schroeter, 54 Batson Street, Winchelsea 3241.

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Beth Davidson  
Beth Davidson

Mayor BETH Four terms as MAYOR 2001 -2004

Dynamic leadership continues:

  • Retain balance of lifestyle, sensitive environment economy so we don't become like suburbia or Gold Coast!
  • Voice for PERMANENT, NON-PERMANENT residents, COASTAL, RURAL Gets things done locally and Shirewide
  • Strong steady leadership achieved financial turnaround
  • First Council to reduce debt -responsible financial management
  • More community facilities across Shire: upgrades to shopping centres, toilets, recreation reserves, playgrounds; rubbish drop-off points; increased aged and childcare; river boardwalks; skateparks

Forward looking

  • Champions more dollars for footpaths, nature reserves, fire safety , roads; Torquay secondary school, kinder, Winchelsea Reserve
  • Balances seachange pressures, tourism, sensitive environment
  • Seeks grants so ratepayers don't subsidize tourism
  • Better pedestrian, parking, traffic solutions within townships, along GORoad, Princes H'wy

Beth knows the issues, listens, delivers positive results.

Contact 5263 1293
E-mail: [email protected]

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lain Lygo (B.Bus/BA)  
lain Lygo (B.Bus/BA)

The Surf Coast Shire is undergoing substantial change, and these changes must be managed to protect the unique characteristics of the region.

Councillors must:

  • work as a team to ensure services are delivered efficiently.
  • protect our environment.
  • genuinely represent the wishes of residents.
  • represent the entire shire.
  • work with sporting clubs, businesses, environmental organisations, senior citizens and other community groups.
  • work with state governments to ensure vital infrastructure such as schools (e.g. a Torquay high school), hospitals, and public transport are available to shire residents.
  • must also be financially disciplined.

I am dedicated to these principles, have an accounting and finance degree, and have successfully owned small businesses.

I am currently on leave from the surfworld Community Centre and am actively involved in local sporting clubs. I am the President of the Surf Coast surfrider Foundation. Stephen Chenery and I are standing as Victorian Greens candidates.

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Baiba Lowther  
Baiba Lowther

A local resident of Deans Marsh and Lorne. My partner and I own property in Lorne and operate a small business there. I have been a secondary school teacher in Lorne and Winchelsea, adult education tutor, dairy and host farmer, tourist bus operator, practising artist and Community House coordinator. Active roles on many committees - Community House, School Council, Adult Education and more.

Through a positive and enthusiastic approach, I will endeavour to ensure:

  • Fair allocation of resources and equity of services across the Shire.
  • Balance between development and the needs of local communities.
  • Prioritise Healthcare, Aged Care, Roads, Transport and Youth Services across the Shire
  • Communities are consulted and consideration is given to the preservation of heritage and local character of towns and localities.
  • Village atmosphere and sense of community is retained and fostered in small towns.
  • Positive results for local issues.

Contact 52363363 - VOTE 1 BAIBA LOWTHER

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Libby Mears  
Libby Mears


  • Extensive experience working with Surf Coast communities
  • Strong representation; families, coastal, rural issues
  • Committed - working for positive outcomes for you
  • Sound financial management skills
  • Positive vision for Surf Coast
  • Project Manager, 3 children


  • No high rise buildings, protect unique environment and characteristics of our towns, no inappropriate development
  • Sustainable council rates
  • Improve pedestrian safety, parking, traffic solutions
  • Create footpaths, walking/bike tracks to connect our communities
  • Grow and improve our community facilities - kindergartens, childcare, schools, community halls, recreation and sporting clubs
  • Support and nurture our strong community arts heritage


  • Surf Coast communities need a new voice and strong representation - your issues are my issues
  • To build a unified Council that believes in a positive, well-planned future for all communities

Available always to listen and act 52896786
E-mail: [email protected]

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Nadine Liddy  
Nadine Liddy

Vote for:

  • Youth, experience, vision, energy, action
  • Strong, consultative representation for all communities: working with you to achieve goals
  • Improved services for families & young people throughout the Shire: childcare, aged care, health, recreation, sport, arts
  • Skills to plan for our future -building strong, healthy, vibrant communities

Key Issues

  • Supporting appropriate growth, development and planning - balancing the character of our towns, the needs of our communities and our unique rural & coastal environments: e.g. establishing coastal town boundaries
  • Managing tourism to benefit local communities: e.g. traffic management solutions
  • Responsible financial management
  • Improving footpaths, walking & cycling tracks to improve access to people, places & facilities

Experience in:

  • Management
  • Community engagement
  • shire-wide committees & networks

I'm 36, mother of two, with the skills & passion for effective representation - working hard for an even better Surf Coast Shire.

Available on 52897178,
E-mail: [email protected]

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John Foss  
John Foss

I have lived, worked and surfed in Torquay since 1996. I was elected a Surf Coast Shire Councillor in 2001. I bring to Council solid business/financial skills and a sound understanding of local government issues. I value looking after people, looking after the land, enhancing our natural environment for future generations to enjoy.

I currently sit on the following Shire committees: Business Facilitation Group, Anzac Day, Tender Evaluation, Bells Beach and High Tide Festival.

If elected I will:

  • support sound financial management, debt reduction, greater accountability and improved financial reporting to the community,
  • continue to oppose inappropriate development in coastal and rural areas,
  • support increased funding for footpaths, parks, nature reserves, roads and pathways,
  • continued support for better childcare, education and aged care facilities,
  • support innovative youth and arts events and programs,
  • support increased funding for sporting and recreati~n facilities,
  • continue to build better links between Council and community.
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Roland Livingstone  
Roland Livingstone

My key objectives:

  • Effective representation of constituents;
  • Good communications with constituents;
  • Develop cost containment plans;
  • Develop strategies for: improved infrastructure, planning and development, environmental management, services, and townships;
  • Work co-operatively with all Councillors and Council staff.

I have extensive management experience in medium and large corporations - 1972-1982 -Vice President -Utah Development Company - 3,000 employees. 1982-2001 -Managing - Director, Livingstones Australia, management consultants- 30 staff. I am retained by Livingstones as a part- time consultant.

Objectives are realistic and achievable given my sound, proven management experience. I see the Council as a framework for the well being of all people throughout the Shire. My wife Joan and I reside in Winchelsea (3 years) and have a married daughter on a farm at Paraparap. I am Secretary of the Lions Club, member of the Golf Club, and the Inter-Church Committee, and computer literate.

Vote 1 for Livingstone for effective representation.

Play audio
Rose Hodge  
Rose Hodge

For a positive, united and hard-working council.

I've lived in Torquay/Jan Juc for 25 years. With 3 school children, I'm a Dental-Therapist and a partner in a small business.

My top priorities are:

  • A balanced approach to our great environment, building development and jobs for tradespeople and local business.
  • Council finances kept under strict control, and paying off more debt.
  • Improvements in facilities for young people, particularly for netball, football, soccer, tennis, basketball and the surf clubs
  • More regular information to non-permanent residents and being their contact to the Shire.
  • Helping the Senior Citizens, ensuring home services are reliable, improving recreational options for older residents.
  • Services for all residents, including people in Moriac, Deans Marsh and Winchelsea, not just coastal communities.
  • Improved childcare facilities.
  • Improving traffic and pedestrian management.


Play audio
Stephen Chenery  
Stephen Chenery

I have lived in the Geelong and Surf Coast area all my life and for the past 9 years I have lived on a property at Bellbrae West.

I am standing as an Australian Greens candidate and if elected I will be a strong advocate for economic, social and ecoloaical sustainability for our Shire.

I will work to have Council:

  • maintain strict budgetary control to ensure financial sustainability;
  • lobby the State and Federal Governments for more funding, especially for waste reduction, curbside collection and recycling, weed removal and education, revegetation, salinity abatement and feral animal control;
  • adopt a policy of clean green and GM-free agriculture for the Shire and lobby for full disclosure of GM crop sites;
  • strengthen planning controls to protect ecological and social values from overdevelopment;
  • call for an immediate end to logging in the Otways to protect water catchments and biodiversity.
Play audio
Jim Tutt  

As your elected representative Jim advocates:


  • Coastline & Bushland conservation
  • Buildings and streetsci!pes projecting a non-urbanised environment
  • Improved bushfire prevention/control
  • Sensible/balanced development that protects lifestyle/amenity
  • Site coverage/designs sensitive to locations
  • Managing the impact of growth


  • Recreational/sporting facilities, pre-school centres, libraries, aged services
  • Better maintenance of - roads/footpaths/drains
  • Green waste collection
  • Traffic management appropriate to location
  • Local business development & employment


  • Responsible rate management
  • Stringent financial management controls
  • Open/efficient Council processes


  • RESIDENTS and NON-PERMANENT ratepayers in ALL parts of the Shire

These are some of the many issues that face us.

Civil Engineer/Teacher: Jim will address them professionally. Former Councillor/Mayor f City of Kew Director/Chairman - Community Organisations. Jim has retired to Anglesea after 30 years of non- permanent residency. He will serve you with honesty & integrity.

Contact: 042-853-6243 / 52631227
E-mail: [email protected]

Vote 1 Jim TUTT

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