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2004 Autumn - March, April & May  

Alcoa Anglesea waste achievement
1 March 2004
Alcoa Anglesea is celebrating a significant environmental achievement after reaching its 2007 target for reducing waste to landfill during 2003. Alcoa has, globally, set a wide range of "2020" Environmental Targets which are clear goals for measuring progress toward achieving the 2020 strategic plan for cleaner air...

Shelley McKenzie “Ceres”Shelley McKenzie “Ceres”
March 4 – 21
Little Malop Gallery is exhibiting the expressive paintings and drawings of Ceres artist, Shelley McKenzie. McKenzie’s works are influenced by her immediate domestic and rural environment, dreams and the world of social conventions...story>>
Surf Coast Celebrates 10 Years
6 March 2004
On 9 March 1994, the Surf Coast Shire was born, among the first of 78 new councils created under the Kennett Government's Local Government reforms, which were to roll out across the State over the following 15 months. There was some grief at the demise of the old order and anger at the forced nature of the amalgamations. Residents lamented the impact on service delivery of restructure...
NEIP in 2004
6 March 2004
The Anglesea NEIP has an action packed year planned for 2004, with plenty to get involved with. Follow the link for an update of news and events and a form to register your interest in participating in workshops. These workshops are very different to anything you've done before. They will encourage household action and you will receive rewards and incentives for involvement...
Maryann Thorp at workMaryann an Earthwatch fellow
9th March 2004
Alcoa Anglesea employee, Maryann Thorp, has been awarded an exclusive research opportunity thanks to a new partnership between Alcoa and the Earthwatch Institute. Alcoa's partnership with Earthwatch is intended to advance...
Duck Seasons Licence RenewalsDuck Licence Renewals
Wednesday, 10th March 2004
Victorian duck hunters without a valid licence will need to be quick if they want to participate on opening day, which is now just over two weeks away. Time is running out for hunters who don't hold a valid Victorian Game Licence, and anyone found shooting without a valid licence will face stiff penalties...
GM Canola ?Regional GE Forum
Creswick Town Hall
Saturday 13th March 2004 at 10am-4pm
Hosted by Hepburn Shire and the Network of Concerned Farmers. In a first for regional Victoria, twelve shires and city councils will participate in a forum this weekend to discuss the future of genetically engineered crops and their potential release in rural Victoria next month...
Duck Season Opens this Saturday
16 March, 2004
The 2004 Victorian duck season opens on Saturday, 20 March, 2004 and closes at sunset on Sunday 16 May, 2004. Department of Sustainability and Environment South West Duck Opening Controller Jim McGuire said conditions throughout the South Western Victoria varied considerably, with reasonable water around Colac and Camperdown and east of Willaura...
Council Receives Surf Coast Community Plan
16 March 2004
The Surf Coast Shire Council has tonight been presented with the Community Plan "Your Visions". The Community Plan Your Visions has been developed to provide the Surf Coast Shire and the community with a shared vision to the future. A community plan is an ongoing...
Alcoa - Community Consultation Network
17 March 2004
Just a reminder about the next community consultation meeting. Our guest presenter for the evening will be Peter Hurley from the CSIRO and he will be talking about TAPM (the air pollution model) which he is developing for Alcoa Anglesea. Some information on the model has been included as explanation for everyone...
Fuel Reduction BurnPrescribed Burns in South West Victoria
Thursday 18 March 2004
The Department of Sustainability and Environment's forest fire fighters have completed a number of autumn prescribed burns in parts of the South West region. In the past four weeks, fuel loads have been reduced on over 2000 hectares of forest and other public land. Prescribed burns have occurred...

World Forestry Day Celebrated in Victoria
Sunday, March 21, 2004
The Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE) is celebrating World Forestry Day, today March 21, with a variety of events around the State. World Forestry Day originated at the 23 rd General Assembly of the European Confederation of Agriculture in 1971. It was decided to make the Day March 21 because it is the autumnal equinox in the Southern Hemisphere and the vernal equinox in the Northern Hemisphere...

Mayor's Report 2003 / 2004
23 March 2004
Looking back over the past year - the one we expected to be our last - it is clear that we have come a long way toward fulfilling the goals that we set ourselves, and of course the Annual Report will document this. I want to touch on just some of these - particularly things I raised at this time last year...
Mayor - Looking Forward 2004
Mayor Beth Davidson23 March 2004
Thank you for your confidence in my leadership, in electing me for a fourth term as your Mayor. I am looking forward to working with you for this bonus eight months which will allow us to advance many projects we have started and leave a healthy, forward-looking organisation for the incoming Council in November...
Anglesea Primary School News
24 March 2004
Anglesea Primary School Website.
Yes, our school has a web address for people to discover information about the school. It is located at The site is designed to provide instant information about our school to the wider community. A group of Middle Years students (grades 5 and 6) constructed web pages late last year to go onto the site. Whilst not fully complete, the site will be continually updated and renewed by Middle Years students to ensure it is relevant and up to date. Any parents or members of the wider school community who feel they can provide any expertise, assistance or ideas in further developing the site during Term 2 and 3 are welcome to contact Murray Surkitt at school...story>>
Jenny Evans “E-files”
March 25 – April 11
Little Malop Gallery presents an exhibition of paintings by Geelong regional artist Jenny Evans, who was recently short-listed for the Cromwell’s Art Prize. “E-files” investigates the email overload of often unintelligible and meaningless jargon...
NEIP Workshops Update
2 April 2004
The Water Wise NEIPshop held in March was a huge success. Thankyou to all those households who participated and thank you to Nicole Patterson from Barwon Water for her informative presentation. It was great see some familar faces and even better to see new people coming along!! Our next NEIPshop topic is Energy Efficiency. The expert presenter is Mark Sanders, an architect with Third Ecology and specialists...story>>
Rip Curl Pro - Bells Beach 2004Day 1 at Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach
5 April 2004
Welcome to the 2004 Rip Curl Pro! This year’s event marks the 32nd anniversary gathering of the world’s best male surfers in Victoria, Australia, and Rip Curl’s 32nd consecutive year as the competition’s major sponsor - a record unmatched in the sport...
Official Rip Curl Pro web site>>
Surfworld Vacation Care Program
Monday 5th April to Friday 16th April 2004
Substantial discounts are available for families who qualify for Child Care Benefit. For example if you receive 100% CCB you will only pay $6.71 per day for a school age child. (plus extra cost for excursion days). You will need to produce a current assessment notice from Centrelink showing Surfworld Vacation Care Program (reference number 555007730H) as the provider on the notice prior to the program commencing...
Threatened Species Network Grants
Threatened Species Network5 April 2004
Round 7 of the Australian Government's Natural Heritage Trust and WWF Australia's TSN Community Grants program is now open. Applications must be submitted in writing to WWF Australia by the closing date 5pm, May 28, 2004 . The TSN Community Grants have been established to support and inspire community work to recover threatened species...
Minister Praises Surf Coast SRAP
6 April 2004
Surf Coast Shire's five year financial plan has received an "extremely favourable" response from the Minister for Local Government, Candy Broad. In a report to tonight's council meeting, Corporate Governance Director Mick Jaensch said that the Minister had commended the comprehensive nature of the Strategic Resource Allocation Plan, or SRAP..
Prescribed Burns for the Easter Holidays
Wednesday 7 April, 2004
The Department of Sustainability and Environment's (DSE) forest fire fighters continue with their autumn prescribed burns program in Victoria's South West region. Through DSE's spring and autumn prescribed burns program, fuel loads have already been reduced on over 4,500 hectares of forest and other public land...
Calling all Coast Carers
Wednesday 7 April, 2004
For the first time in Victoria, a three-day forum is being held especially for marine and coastal community groups and volunteers. Victoria is proud to have one of the most publicly accessible coasts in the world with 96 per cent of it managed by various groups on behalf of the people of Victoria...
Walking School Bus soon to start in Torquay
The Walking School Bus19 April, 2004
VOLUNTEERS are needed to 'drive' a unique school bus that is powered by legs rather than pistons and emphasises physical exercise, friendship, traffic safety and teamwork. When the walking school bus starts up on June 7 at Torquay and St Terese primary schools, volunteer drivers will guide children...
Torquay Firebug strikes for the 4th time
Torquay firebug strikes for the 4th time20 April 2004
Surf Coast Shire is calling for public help to catch a suspected firebug after four scrub fires in and near Grass Tree Park Torquay in the past eight weeks. The last three outbreaks have all occurred at about 3.30pm on a Friday afternoon, with the latest occurring last Friday...
Let the Westconnect campaign begin
Let the Westconnect campaign begin20 April 2004
City of Greater Geelong Mayor Cr Ed Coppe was joined by key community spokespeople at a special briefing today to explain the Westconnect campaign to regional business and community organisations. Cr Coppe was joined by Helene Bender the G21 Transportation Pillar Leader, Dr David Mackay President of the Geelong Chamber...
Help the Legless Lizard
The legless lizard21 April 2004
A major push to save the Striped Legless Lizard, a small endangered creature unique to grasslands of southeastern Australia, is underway in south western Victoria. A dedicated recovery team consisting of the Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE), RMIT University Ecology Research Group and Greening Australia is aiming to locate..
The Geelong Experience
The Geelong Experience22 April – 13 May
Little Malop Gallery has invited eleven well known Geelong and regional artists to respond visually to the City of Geelong, in an exhibition called “The Geelong Experience”. You can expect diverse artistic interpretations, from traditional impressionist paintings through to more contemporary works...
Help Decide Fate of Plastic Bags in Anglesea
3rd May 2004
Anglesea recently made headlines after becoming the first Victorian town committed to banning plastic bags. With funding committed by the State Government, strategy is the new name of the game. NEIP Project manager Geoff Brown says "We are inviting people from the community to a workshop called Waste Wise on May 12 where participants can ask questions, offer advice...
$168 Million to boost Fire Fighting Resources
Victoria - the place to beTuesday May 4, 2004
A $168 million funding increase to boost Victoria's fire fighting capacity has been announced as part of the 2004-05 State Budget. Environment and Water Minister John Thwaites, and Police and Emergency Services Minister Andre Haermeyer, said the Putting Families First Budget invested strongly in safer Victorian communities...
Education Week – Bringing Learning to Life
5th May 2004
Education Week is a celebration of educational activities across the state for week 6, 24th – 28th May. You are invited to a Numeracy morning on Thursday 27th May, beginning at 9:00am in the staffroom for a Parent
Participation in Numeracy workshop, Big Morning Tea (to raise money for the Anti-Cancer Council) and to visit Numeracy classrooms between 11:30 – 12:30...
Shire to launch "Your Visions"
10 May 2004
THE SURF COAST SHIRE is about to launch a groundbreaking community plan - Your Visions - that documents people's concerns and priorities and creates a blueprint for all future council decisions affecting townships across the next five years. After 18-months of solid investigation, involving more than 15,000 questionnaires and 15 consultative workshops, Your Visions is complete...
Coastal Care Celebrates 10 Years
Minister for Environment, John Thwaites10 May 2004
For the first time in Victoria a three-day forum was held especially for marine and coastal community groups and volunteers from Friday 30th April until Sunday 2nd May. At the event, the Minister for Environment, John Thwaites, announced $255,000 of funding to enhance marine and coastal management programs...
Better Reception for the Coast
7th May 2004
Local antenna installers have confirmed that the Blackspot television retransmission has improved reception for up to 80 percent of viewers from Anglesea to Lorne. However recent suggestions that viewers in Torquay Jan Juc might benefit from the new service have been rejected. Contractors say that the best television signal for Torquay remains that beamed directly from Melbourne, with reception classed as "generally pretty good"...
Monsanto pullout an opportunity
12 May 2004
Monsanto has decided to pull out of GE canola in Australia and GE wheat globally. This is a great opportunity for Australian farmers and the community. "GeneEthics welcomes Monsanto's decision not to proceed with GE canola in Australia," says GeneEthics Director Bob Phelps. "It would have been a huge environmental and economic disaster," he says...
Westconnect - The Geelong Ring Road
16 May 2004
The Mayor's Bulletin - The Geelong and South West Region Councils, businesses, community organisations and concerned citizens are all working together to achieve a commitment from the Federal Government to fund Westconnect - The Geelong Ring Road. The Bracks State Government has now formally committed, in its budget announced today, to spend $190 million to build as a minimum a two lane...
Pony Club bids to host state championships
Surf Coast Shire helps out18 May, 2004
BARWON Valley Pony Club's bid to host the state pony club championships is one step closer with construction of dressage and polo-cross facilities now underway at the Mount Moriac Reserve. More than 20,000 cubic metres of soil are creating the foundation for the additional equestrian facilities which include three dressage arenas at the south-west side of the clubrooms...
It Helps To Have Someone to Talk To
24 May 2004
When people are caught up in traumatic events like the recent loss of life following an incident in Jan Juc, it's worth knowing that there is support available. Everyone reacts differently to trauma, depending on his or her personality and experiences. However talking through an event with others can relieve the situation. The Helpline service supports anyone who is involved in a traumatic event. It provides callers with information and assistance...
No new mine for Alcoa Anglesea
New truck tyre24 May, 2004
Media reports stating that Alcoa Anglesea has revealed plans for a new mine are totally false and misleading. Alcoa Anglesea has operated using the same mine plan since 1971 and has no plans for a new mine at its Anglesea operation. Alcoa Anglesea Manager, Phil Cooke, said that claims in the Geelong Advertiser, of plans for a second mine were inaccurate...
Anglesea comes alive for Alcoa's 35 years
Cutting the cake.24 May 2004
Alcoa and the Anglesea community celebrated three and a half decades of working together in a sea of colour and activity on Sunday May 23 at the Alcoa Anglesea 35 year anniversary and new mine fleet expo. Alcoa Anglesea Manager, Phil Cooke, says the expo was attended by nearly 3000 visitors from as far away as South Australia and was a great success with activities for all the family...story>>
Massive Anglesea Tip upgrade
Anglesea tip expansion24 May 2004
A MASSIVE upgrade to the Surf Coast Shire's sole landfill facility near Anglesea will provide safe disposal for some 20,000 tonnes of rubbish produced by the Surf Coast community each year. The new 1.5 ha section of the landfill, which is off Coalmine Road, will be completed in a few weeks time. The new base consists of a purpose-built liner that will protect the environment...
High Tide Festival looking for a logo
High Tide Logo24 May 2004
Following the overwhelming success of last year's competition, the High Tide Festival Committee invites Surf Coast artists to design the 2004 festival logo/image. The winning entry will be used as the main festival poster image and on festival paraphernalia. Judges will be looking for vibrant entries that reflect the Surf Coast community and/or the festival theme, and which can be reproduced graphically...story>>
Tania Virgona receives MIRA Award
Tania Virgona - Artist in Residence @ the Geelong Botanic Gardens27 May 2004
The Artist in Residence Project at the Geelong Botanic Gardens has received an award from Museums Australia (Vic), under the category of Museums Industry Recognition Award for Meritorious Achievement, which was presented to Tania Virgona - Artist in Residence @ the Geelong Botanic Gardens...story>>
Anglesea Environment Report
29 May 2004
Each month the Anglesea Power Station produces an environmental report called the Anglesea Environment Report. This report contains information and statistics about water monitoring, updates on monthly rainfall, waste and energy figures, air emissions and environmental improvement...
Blueprint to secure the Otway's future
Angahook-Otway Investigation Draft Proposals31 May 2004
Lines on the map had been drawn in the proposals for the Otways on public display from today, the Acting Chairman of the Victorian Environmental Assessment Council (VEAC), Mr Duncan Malcolm, said today. VEAC has today released its Angahook-Otway Investigation Draft Proposals Paper which recommends..
New Funding Strategy needed for Coastal Councils
31 May 2004
Coastal councils from around Australia, including Surf Coast Shire, are developing proposals for an innovative new funding formula to help them cope with the growing shift of population to 'sea change' areas. The proposal is part of a new national strategy for managing sea change growth being prepared by the Sea Change Task Force, which held a conference in Melbourne last Friday attended by 56 high growth coastal councils...story>>
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