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Remembering Ash Wednesday - 16th February 1983
Map of Ash Wednesday  fire path
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16th February 2003

In commemoration of the 20 year anniversary of Ash Wednesday, Anglesea Online has produced a website dedicated to preserving the stories and memories of those who's lives were effected by this natural disaster. This site was inspired by the booklet 'The Ashes of Memory', printed in 1993, by the Anglesea Creative Writing Group. There are copies available at the Anglesea Newsagent.

Many of the people who contributed to this booklet are no longer with us. It is to them and their memory that this site is dedicated.

There is one additional story to-date written by John Norton. At the time of the fire he was working for the Forest Commission, now known as the The Department of Natural Resources and the Environment, as a summer fire fighter. His is a personal account of facing the fire in the line of duty as it tore its way from Lorne to>>

If you would like to contribute please send your story to

Remembering Ash Wednesday

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