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Fox Control in Western Victoria
Thursday August 28, 2003
Landholders in Victoria's west are being encouraged to come together to help tackle the fox problem. After running for 12 months and proving largely ineffective in reducing fox populations, the Fox Bounty trial has ended and communities across the State are being encouraged to get involved in targeted baiting programs. The best way to get involved is to contact your nearest Fox Control Coordinator...

Community fox baiting supports the survival of western Victoria's Eastern Barred Bandicoots
Tuesday 9 September, 2003
The survival of the threatened Eastern Barred Bandicoot depends on successful control of foxes and coordinated community baiting programs, which are increasing the chances of success. The Eastern Barred Bandicoot - a small marsupial with pale bars on its hindquarters - is one of three bandicoot species in Victoria. It exists in small, reintroduced populations in western Victoria, inhabiting grassland plains and woodlands, foraging through the night and nesting in grassy vegetation during the day...story>>

Fox baiting strategy finds environmental gains
12 September 2003
Finding the best ways to deliver effective and efficient fox baiting controls while protecting and enhancing biodiversity is the aim of an innovative research project being undertaken by Parks Victoria in partnership with the Department of Sustainability and Environment's Arthur Rylah Institute for Environmental Research (ARIER). Established two years ago, the Fox Adaptive Experimental Management (AEM) project aims to improve the effectiveness of fox control on public land, both in terms of reducing the fox population and also monitoring how native species respond to different fox baiting strategies...story>>

A Cane Toad on Wings Seen in Anglesea
Common Myna19 February 2003
What has the European Fox, rabbit, Serrated Tussock and Bone Seed have in common. All are introduced species on the Surf Coast that have become environmental weeds/pest animals. All have taken thier toll on the areas biodiversity and all are costing rate payers a great deal of time, physical effort and money in conrol measures...story>>

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