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As residents or visitors to Anglesea, we are very fortunate to be surrounded by beautiful bushland with abundant native wildlife. Anglesea is famous for its kangaroos which can be observed grazing peacefully on the Anglesea Golf Course.

Unfortunately however, our kangaroos and joeys are being maimed and killed at an alarming rate due to careless drivers and dog owners particularly in the vicinity of the Golf Course and Great Ocean Road.

Joey in pouchOn our local roads, speed is the major cause for concern. Often there is not enough time to slow or brake for a roo crossing ahead. The result is costly to the animal, your vehicle and to you.

Dogs of all sizes can panic kangaroos, causing them to bolt across roads and toss out pouch young. Unattended dogs have also been responsible for mauling kangaroos.

Recently the Jirrahlinga Wildlife Sanctuary and local police have been called out to rescue or destroy an unprecedented number of roos that have been injured in the Anglesea and Aireys Inlet area.

This brochure has been produced to seek your assistance in helping to protect our special residents.


  • SLOWING DOWN on local roads, especially between dusk and mid-morning when roos are most active. Take special care around Anglesea Golf Course and on the following streets: McMahon Avenue, Noble Street, Golf Links Road, Fairway Drive, The Great Ocean Road between: Forest Road and the Torquay turn-off near Painkalac Creek Aireys Inlet, Forest Road
  • Dogs are prohibited on the Anglesea Golf Course at all times. Report dogs on the course to the Golf Club office on 5263 1582 or superintendent 5263 2186
  • Never allow your dog to roam unattended. Tough penalties do apply. Report roaming dogs to the Surf Coast Shire on 5261 0600
  • Walk your pet well away from the vicinity of kangaroos at all times
  • Keep your dogs and cats in at night. This is safer for native wildlife and your pets
  • Always maintain a safe distance when watching kangaroos or other wildlife


  • Call Jinahlinga Wildlife Sanctuary, 24 hours a day on 5254 2484
  • Never try to pick up or assist a roo yourself. This is stressful to the animal and could be dangerous to you
  • If you find a dead female roo on a roadside, check the pouch for presence of a joey. Remove the joey and wrap firmly in a blanket, towel or clothing. Keep in a warm room away from noise and pets. Joeys need specialist care, contact Jinahlinga immediately for assistance
  • If you or a passenger in your vehicle are injured after colliding with a kangaroo, contact the Police at Anglesea on 5263 3468, or at Torquay on 5261 6058
  • Report the location of dead kangaroos or other wildlife to the Surf Coast Shire on 5261 0600
Jirrahlinga Wildlife Sanctuary (24hrs) 5254 2484
Help for Wildlife 0417 380 687 or 0500 540 000
Anglesea Golf Course 5263 1582 or 5263 2186
Victoria Police - Anglesea 5263 3468
Surf Coast Shire 5261 0600
Dept. of Sustainability & Environment 136 186
Land for Wildlife
Natural Resources & Environment
136 186
Parks Victoria 131 963
ANGAIR 5263 1085

Eastern Grey Kangaroo - Macropus giganteus

Further Information

For more information on how you can help protect kangaroos and other native wildlife or to become a wildlife carer, contact Jirrahlinga Wildlife Sanctuary or "Help for Wildlife" under the Contacts list.

5254 2484


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