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  • Environmental weeds are plants that invade native vegetation, usually adversely affecting regeneration and survival of the indigenous flora and fauna.
  • An environmental weed in Victoria can be an exotic plant introduced from overseas, an Australian native species from outside Victoria, a Victorian species that has spread outside its pre-European distribution, or in some cases an indigenous plant that has become 'out of balance' and has invaded indigenous vegetation communities... more>>
Surf Coast enlists landowners to control pest plants
November 2002
Torquay Ward Councillor Glenda Shomaly recently called on private landowners to help fight the spread of Serrated Tussock by controlling the noxious weed on their own properties. “Unfortunately, Serrated Tussock is common on nature strips and open ground in the Torquay/Jan Juc area, notably in the Wombah Park and Great Ocean Views Estates. We need help with control measures because the plant sets fresh seed in spring,” Cr Shomaly explained...
Horsetails - a serious weed threat
11 August 2003
An entire plant group has recently been declared as a high priority noxious weed to be eradicated and excluded from the State of Victoria. The Equisetum genus, or Horsetail as it is more commonly known, is considered to be one of the world's worst weeds...story>>
Landcare Award for Serrated Tussock Campaigner
Thursday, 28 August, 2003

On 19 August 2003, David Boyle, the Department of Primary Industries' (DPI) State Serrated Tussock Project Leader, was awarded the Dr Sidney Plowman Travel and Study Award at the Victorian Landcare Awards celebration held at Government House. Awarded biennially to an individual from either DPI or the Department of Sustainability and Environment, the award recognises a staff member who demonstrates an outstanding contribution to reversing land degradation on farms...story>>
Control Serrated Tussock Now
29 June 2004
Now is the perfect time to control Serrated Tussock. Seeding season is fast approaching and it's time to prepare and get stuck into the plants on your property. Serrated Tussock has the ability to spread quickly and take over an area in a matter of years. A mature plant can produce over 100,000 seeds per year, and these seeds can stay viable in the soil for up to 15 years. Another reason for the rapid spread of Serrated Tussock is the number of ways it is capable of being dispersed. The seed from serrated tussock can be dispersed by stock, in fodder and the movement of machinery...story>>
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